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Embracing The Light Of Truth

Through The Teachings Of The Ascended Masters

The Sanctuary of Light Spiritual Community is committed to sharing in the Awakening and Enlightenment of humanity through the Teachings of Beloved Jesus the Christ and the Saints and Ascended Beings of all ages. 

In a time of great peril and seeming hopelessness, Jesus brought to humanity the hope of deliverance and redemption through the Law of Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness, and the Power of the Transfiguration, Resurrection and Ascension. And so it is today, as in the time of our Beloved Jesus, at this turning of cycles, when we are beset with numerous challenges in our personal lives and of global proportions, Saint Germain brings to humanity the understanding and use of the 

Violet Fire of Transmutation. The Power by which we can with diligence consciously dissolve and consume our misuses of the Pure Energies given to us by our Father/Mother God.

It is our sincere hope that this knowledge, and the use thereof serves as a catalyst for change in the lives of all who embrace it. May the Light and Love of Jesus the Christ and the Christ Consciousness of every Angelic, Cosmic and Ascended Being open the hearts, minds and lives of all who venture here.

In the Victory of the Light!

"I AM"! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does I AM mean?

"I AM is the Great Creative Word of the Universe, God the Only Acting Presence - God in Action. "I AM" is the Presence of God Individualized for every human being. continue

Who are Ascended Masters?

Ascended Masters are individuals who have passed through human embodiment, and by self-conscious effort have generated enough Love and Power to cut themselves free of the chains of human limitation and "arise unto the Father" by way of the Ascension, like Jesus the Christ did. continue

How can this Ascended Master Instruction be used to correct mistakes and restore Divine Order?

The Ascended Masters' Instruction teaches one how to call to the "Beloved I AM Presence and the the Hosts of Heaven to release the various actions of the Sacred Fire - the Power of the Holy Spirit which corrects mistakes and reestablishes Divine Order.

If the personality is obedient, he/she can by Conscious Command of the "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence" release The Violet Flame of Divine Love and Transmutation, and willingly purify his/her own miscreation. In this way the individual avoids the need for compulsory balancing and purification by the action of Cosmic Law. continue


The Violet Flame is a most precious gift from our Father/Mother God. The purpose of this gift is to assist humanity with transmuting - changing our misqualified energies, all our human miscreations of thoughts, feelings, words and actions in our past, present and future back into harmony and Immortal Christ Perfection.

This book is a guide to practising and accomplishing those changes within yourself, your family, your nation and the world, 60 pages.

Kuthumi's Mystery School 

The Sanctuary of Light offers the Teachings of the Ascended Masters as imparted by Kuthumi, Jesus, Saint Germain and other saints and sages throughout the ages. Learn more about Your Sacred Self, the power of Creative Visualization and how to enter the Secret Place of the Most High within.

Now Available - Sanctuary Fundamentals

Lesson One: The story of creation as presented by the Ascended Masters

Lesson Two: The Holy Trinity.

Lesson Three: Attention, Thought And Feeling