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A Curious Journey

Kortni Jones is the Co-founder of The Sanctuary of Light, dedicated to sharing the teachings of Jesus the Christ, Saint Germain and the Great Host of Ascended Masters. 

Kortni is a native of Kingston, Jamaica. At a very early age he was frequently visited by angels who guided and comforted him through a very rough childhood. He recalls many early morning journeys out of his body in which he was dressed in a violet/purple robe. On one occasion he quotes, "I had left my body very early one morning, as it was customary for me to do. The early morning sky was dark as usual, though the presence of the Angelic Beings with whom I traveled, most of whom wore violet colored robes, would radiate much Light. These were the moments when I was happiest. As we traveled on beyond what may have been time and space, the darkness of the early morning sky was no more. Instead the Angels radiated an even greater Light. My childlike perception saw it as the sunlight in the middle of the day.

In time I grew to understand it to be the "Pure Christ Light." 

In later years as he grew into adulthood his intense curiosity led him to search for greater meaning in his early experiences. Though he was an ardent Bible scholar, he realized that much of what it contained was unexplained. After much prayer and contemplation, he was guided to other channels of knowledge and inspiration.

Many years later while studying the Teachings of the Ascended Masters he continues, "I had a dream in which I met a woman dressed in royal purple and white. She wore a crown on her head and in her hand she held a scepter. She didn't speak, but handed me the scepter. When I discussed the dream with a very close spiritual brother he told me that the scepter being handed meant that I now had authority to wield power for the greater good. Then, one night when I visited an Ascended Master Study Group in Manhattan, New York, I noticed a picture on the wall with the striking resemblance of the woman in my dream. When I asked who she was they told me it was Lady Portia, Saint Germain's Divine Complement. That was another amazing turning point in my life".

After studying and practicing a number of exoteric and esoteric teachings for several years (Unity, Religious Science, Rosicrucian Order, Astara) to name a few, Rev. Kortni was introduced to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, by way of the Saint Germain Foundation's "I AM" Activity (Godfre and Lotus Ray King), The Bridge to Freedom (Geraldine Innocenti) and The Law of Life and Teachings by Divine Beings, (ADK Luk Publications), and The Hearts Center Spiritual Community.

 Kortni has continued his commitment to carrying and serving this Light by imparting the Teachings of the Ascended Masters to all who truly desire it.

Key Teachings of the Sanctuary of Light

  • Purposeful application of the Violet Flame of Divine Love.
  • Masterful use of the spoken word.
  • Effective use of meditation, contemplation and visualization.
  • Practical ways to serve life more for the greater good.
  • Achieving Oneness with Your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self.
  • The Path to the Ascension.