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The Ascended Master

Lord Lanto

Ascended Master of the Wisdom Ray

The golden-pink light that emanates from an illumined mind, the grey matter of the brain cleansed until it glows with saffron luminosity—this is possible for each one of us when we tune into the master, now ascended, named Lord Lanto. He serves as the Chohan of the Second Ray, the ray of wisdom. And the vibration of this ray appears as the color golden-yellow.

Not only in the physical plane but in heaven’s classrooms, the soul of Lord Lanto studied wisdom’s way. His dedication to teaching the way of illumination for every individual on planet Earth continues from his station in heaven, working with us as we call on his name. He can sponsor us individually or as we work in community to bring understanding to the world. This he currently does in his sponsorship of The Hearts Center, along with several other ascended masters.

Embodiment as the Duke of Chou

The soul of Lord Lanto has striven through many lifetimes to know wisdom. Notable among these lifetimes is his appearance in the twelfth century B.C. as the Duke of Chou, or the “Yellow Emperor,” considered one of the most renowned statesmen in China’s history and some say the true architect of the Chou dynasty.

The venerated Confucius, studied the life and accomplishments of the Duke of Chou—accomplishments such as the reinstatement of the high principles and the noble culture of former golden-age eras. The writing of the I Ching, the creation of a new form of classical music, and possibly the compiling of the first organized treatise on medicinal practices, all have all been attributed to this one Eastern emperor. He assisted in the development of the calendar and forms of martial arts that brought health and an understanding of the noblest paths of self-defense.

Lover of the Divine Spark Within—The Threefold Flame

An amazing observation about this master was that he had learned the importance of the balance of wisdom with love. For not only did he strive for greater illumination, his devotion had rarely been paralleled by an embodied soul. In Lord Lanto’s final lifetime he achieved what no other person had ever done since the fall of man. Lanto had so adored the Indwelling Presence of God through prayer, meditation and constant attention that an intense golden glow began to emanate from his heart…a glow that others could actually see! This miraculous phenomenon continued throughout the remainder of his life.

For Lanto, this light evidence of his adoration was also meant to be a graphic reminder that we all possess this same divine spark. By free will we, too, can fan its sacred flame until we feel a profound burning within our hearts. And we, like Lord Lanto, may find that we are not able to hide the intense love we have garnered for God and our fellow man.