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The Seven Mighty Elohim

The Elohim are the Directors the One Creative Power (force, energy). They direct the creative energy of the Universe. The Seven Mighty Elohim are the builders of this - our Galactic System.

The Great Central Sun sends forth the energy, through the Sun of a System and then through the Elohim to the planet and its population for its use. As the energy passes through the Elohim it is diversified. It is in this manner that the Seven Rays of Light (God-qualities) are distributed to a planet.

The Seven Elohim represent the mental attributes or activities of our Father/Mother-God. Every soul embodying on Earth carries a tiny spark from each of the Elohim, forming a Sevenfold Flame (not seen by the physical eyes) in the forehead. They give of their Consciousness and Faculties to all humanity. Their Rays are also directed through the Archangels.

Hercules is the Eloah of Power. His position is on the First Ray. He embodies and represents the Will of God. His sole action is to exercise God's Will. He guards the energy that is released and utilized on the Earth, as well as the other planets in our Solar System.

He is known for His Loving Power and Strength. It is said that He is about fourteen feet in height. One may call to Him for courage and strength. Power defined in His case is concentrated energy....force of action. His most prominent color is blue. Amazon is also quite large in stature and extremely powerful.

Cassiopea is the Eloah of Wisdom. He governs and directs the God qualities of perception, comprehension, understanding illumination and the power of focused concentrated attention. He is the Eloah of the Second Ray. His prominent color is yellow - gold.

His Twin Ray Minerva is also known as the Goddess of Wisdom.

Orion is the Eloah of Divine Love. He governs the activity of Divine Love.....Cosmic Love. This Love carries within a cohesive power that draws and holds created form together. His prominent color ispink.

His Twin Ray Angelica carries and radiates the quality of extreme Love.

Clair the Eloah of Purity represents Cosmic Purity to this system, which maintains Perfection. He is the Eloah of the Fourth Ray. At our calls He will release the Cosmic Blue Lightning of Divine Love into any condition through the inner bodies to shatter accumulated or hardened substance. By doing so this substance can be much more readily transmuted.

Lady Astrea is His Twin Ray. Her particular action is that of consuming and transmuting the psychic or astral substance in the Earth's atmosphere as well as the harmful, negative substance in individual lifestreams.

Eloah of Peace is also known as Tranquility. He is the Eloah of the Sixth Ray. His predominant activity is Peace. He represents and is the embodiment of Peace to this system. Peace is the sustaining power behind all constructive manifestation and is absolutely essential to this process. Another of His activities is Ministration. His Rays are Ruby (deep pink and Gold). His Twin Ray Pacifica brings awesome Peace with Her. Thus the Name Pacifica.

Arcturus is the Eloah of the the Seventh Ray, the Violet Flame of Freedom and Mercy. His predominant action is invocation and rhythmic application. He is the Great Being in this solar system who responds to mankind's sincere, strong call for freedom. He will help to free one from any limitation or imperfection.

Diana, His Twin Ray's service is to intensify this Flame in Its purifying action; to expand the light from within and release and transmute the dense substance lodged around the pure light in one's four lower vehicles (bodies).