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Teachings of the Ascended Masters, Saint Germain,

The use of the Violet Transmuting Flame called forth in the Name of the "I AM Presence and Beloved Saint Germain dissolves and transmutes (changes) imperfect energy. When it is achieved with the utmost FEELING of Love and Forgiveness for one's own mistakes and the mistakes of others, it works like magic. Tremendous assistance is given when you call upon the LAW OF FORGIVENESS for all mistakes made consciously or unconsciously for humanity and yourself included.

The 'Beloved I AM Presence" of every individual, even the most depraved, desires Perfection for that individual, and when you call to the "I AM Presence" of all humanity and ask for the Violet Fire to blaze up, through and around them and FORGIVE their mistakes, it enables the "I AM PRESENCE" to move into action when it has been centuries perhaps since It has been called forth and thereby given permission to act on behalf of that lifestream.

It is now the beginning of a new Era, the Era of Freedom. Take hold of the Opportunity while there is yet time. Make an earnest effort to undo the mistakes you have ever made in thought, word and deed against every part of life, so that in 

times of crisis you may have Protection in your world. Do your best from now on to set up only those causes which bring Perfection as their effect. Every erg of energy entrusted to you must some day, some time be Purified and Harmonized and returned to the Father/Mather-God qualified with Its original Perfection.

"When you call to Beloved Mighty Astrea to lock Her Cosmic Circle of Blue Flame of Thousands of Suns from the Great Central Sun around a negative cause and core, and then close in upon it, what happens? Through Beloved Astrea's Great Assistance the motion of the whirling center of this cause is stopped, the radiation of the destructively qualified energy ceases and the cohesive power which held those electrons together to form a focus of distress then lets go. When that lets go, those electrons immediately arise and return to the sun of their source for Purification by the Violet Fire and re-polarization by Divine Love, so that they may be used again to fulfill some Divine Plan. We shall be so grateful when you are actually able to see what takes place at your call."

(Beloved Morya El - The Bridge)

Strange things are taking place all over our dear Earth, and it is these imperfect, discordant, vicious creations - created by MANKIND AND NOT GOD that act and are continuing to act everywhere The diligent use of the Violet Fire of Divine Love, and calling on the Law of Forgiveness are the most effective ways of preventing them from acting in your world. When enough of humanity make use of these activities, they can prevent distressing things from happening all over the Earth.