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Worthy Gleanings

Who are Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters are the full expression of Life. They are the souls who have made the Ascension from humanity, and then turned and assisted individuals or groups of individuals to accomplish the Ascension as they did. Our Beloved Ascended Master Jesus has said; And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men (humanity) unto me. With this promise He meant that He would show us the way and assist us in accomplishing our Ascension.

Ascended Masters are Individuals, male and female, who have made the Ascension from humanity into the Octaves of Light, and then turned to give assistance to individuals or groups, so that they can likewise make their Ascension.

Ascended Masters are an advanced activity of Life. They are simply put, just like extensions of ourselves. When one calls to an Ascended Master, it is a call to an advanced part of one's self - (life).

There are countless Ascended Masters rendering great assistance to humanity today such as Jesus, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Guatama Buddha, Krishna and Moses, to name a few. When we call to an Ascended Master whether in prayers, decrees or in invocation, we are connecting with that ones Essence; that ones full Ascended Master Consciousness and He or She returns Infinite Love and Light into our beings and worlds. Understand that The Call Compels The Answer. In other words, because of the gift of free will granted to us by our Father/Mother-God, we are required to call for assistance, and by so doing we in turn receive the assistance from which ever Ascended Master we have turned to for help. Jesus proved this aspect of the Law many times by asking one who needed healing, wilt thou be made whole? In other words, do you want my help? By so doing He opened the door to the possibility of that person's healing, awaiting the response, yes I need your help, let it be so now.

In the Light of the Christ,

"I AM"!


"I AM THAT I AM" is the Creative Word which creates from the invisible that which is visible - outer manifestation. It is the Alpha and Omega action of our Father/Mother God announcing Its Invincible Presence and Power from the invisible to the visible or outer world of form. This Word has been known to humanity since the beginning of creation. To some it is known as EHYEH ASHER EHYEH, OM TAT SAT OM; or to others it is known as NUK PU NUK.

In the far east, middleast and in the western world the Name of God I AM THAT I AM is declared in every tongue. As it was declared to Moses; this is my Name forever, as a memorial unto all generations.

Your Sacred Self

As extensions or individualized expressions of our Father/Mother-God we possess His/Her Nature - Pure Being with the power to be God in action - God in manifestation in our lives and affairs.

The Ascended Masters point the way to God within us by introducing us again and again to our "Mighty I AM Presence" and our Indwelling Christ Presence. They teach us about the Law of forgiveness and mercy through diligent invocation and application of the Violet Flame. They teach us the real meaning and purpose of life and ultimately the Path to our Ascension in the Light. Many people may find the concept "Ascension" new to them. This is in no wise new. There are numerous accounts of the ascension. The Christian Gospels give a remarkable account of Beloved Jesus' public Ascension. So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, He was received up into Heaven, and sat on the Right Hand of God. (Mark: 16,19) And He led them (the disciples and others with them) out as far as to Bethany, and He lifted up His Hands and blessed them. And it came to pass, while He blessed them, He was parted from them, and carried up into Heaven, and a Cloud received Him out of their sight. (Luke: 24, 50-51)

The Chart of Your Sacred Self brought forth by the Ascended Masters presents an eye picture of our connection with our Source, our own individualized Presence of God, the "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence".

The lower or bottom figure represents the physical body. The figure overshining the physical body, represents "The Holy Christ Self," (Sometimes referred to as "The Higher Mental Body").

 Above it is the "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence". It is an individualized focus of God for every man, woman and child. The "I AM Presence abides within the Electronic Body and dwells within It's own Realm. It operates at Cosmic Levels, ever pouring forth and expanding Perfection. It is the Great God/Goddess Self of each individual. The "Master" within and above us.

The "Holy Christ Self" is the discriminating selective Intelligence for the outer or physical form. It knows all the Perfection of the "I AM Presence" and in the Realms of Light. It also knows the imperfection, all the humanly misqualified substance created by our outer selves, or that which has been drawn about the physical body. This, the "Holy Christ Self will not accept into Its Consciousness nor Realm of existence. Therefore the "Christ Self" remains Eternally Pure and Perfect. It is also fully aware of what is required in the individual's outer or physical life. The "Holy Christ Self" as Mediator calls to the "Presence" and draws forth whatever is required. It can and does transform outer conditions into Perfection. Its action is in some way like that of a step down transformer.

What keeps our hearts beating? The Ray of Light (silver cord) which goes from the Heart of the Presence through the "Christ Self enters the top of the head of the physical body and is anchored in the beating heart. The Divine Spark or Threefold Flame in the human heart is the end or tip of the Ray which comes from the Heart of the Presence. The Threefold Flame is Power (blue), Wisdom (yellow or gold), and Love (pink) in balanced action. At the time of the change called death, what really happens? The Flame in the heart is withdrawn by the "Holy Christ Self", thus causing the stream of life energy to cease its flow. The flow stops because there is no anchorage or connection to the physical body. Around the physical body, represented by the lower figure in the Chart is shown a Tube of Light, or Pillar of Protection. This Pillar of Light is formed by the "I AM Presence" at the call or request of the individual. As the Light expands in the cells of the body, the Radiance adds to the forming of this Steely White Light. One can ask the Presence to make the Pillar of Light Invincible, Invulnerable and Impenetrable. This acts as an insulation against negative forces. One can also call to the Presence to place a Circle of Blue Flame immediately outside the Tube or Pillar of Light for added protection.

Within the Pillar Of Light is the Violet Flame, blazing up, through and around the physical body. This Flame mercifully transmutes all our negative human thoughts, feelings and actions, past and present, known and unknown. Outside the Pillar of Light is a Circle of Blue Flame which provides added insulation from negative energies.

The circles of color around the Electronic Body of the "I AM Presence " in the upper figure represents the Causal Body. These circles, seven in number, is a Storehouse of the accumulated good performed by the individual in this and all other lifetimes - treasures stored up in Heaven. The colors also represent the various aspects or qualities of God.